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Abdikadir Ibrahim 10/10/2011 Preface All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Universe. Prayer and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family, companions, and whoever follows them rightly until the Day of Judgment.  Similarly The word “Islam” comes from the Arabic word of silm. It means both peace and submission to the will of one Creator-Allah. Peace has several levels and categories, Internal peace and external peace, as both interconnected. In the same token, there are individual peace and communal or collective peace, as the two interdependent. Thus Without internal peace, external peace will not possible, similarly, without individual peace, communal or collective ... [Read More]

The Most Pressing Issues for the Muslim World

Abdikadir Ibrahim 02/14/2011 According to profile of the world, the estimated distance of world area is 510.072 million sq. km. with 148.94 million sq. km. being land area, while 361.132 million sq. km. is water. 79.9% of the world is water, whereas 29.1% is land. However, in today’s technology, distance would not even matter. The world has become much smaller and one can know very much of what is going on around the globe quickly with modern means of communication. With all the technology, science, health, and sophistication that we reached, there are immense problems in the world. Among the most ... [Read More]

Crisis within the Community

Abdikadir Ibrahim 11/15/2010 Crisis within the Community Somalia, a tiny country in the Horn of East Africa with rich of natural sources, once used to be called the “paradise of Africa” has lost itself in the eyes of the international and local community. A war has been going on for about 20 years, and children who were born at the beginning of the civil war have kids now. Many Somali families/parents fled with their children from this hostile environment, in which no one no longer knows who is to blame for committing this calamous crime. Many of these families fled to many ... [Read More]

Academic Schools vs. Weekend Islamic Schools

Abdikadir Ibrahim 11/15/2010 Introduction It is a cliché to say that education is imperative, because everyone knows that education is a key for our survival in this life. It is a fact that education provides for its individual a sense of stability, financially, security and most importantly direction and freedom.  We all know that educated person will be placed a higher position than uneducated person in this life and next life as well. We also know that when literacy is low in a country that country will never make same progress than a country, which its citizens have high literacy rate. However, ... [Read More]

The Harmful Effects of Extremism

Abdikadir Ibrahim 10/12/2010 In today’s world, the role and responsibilities of an individual, family, community, and nation are mixed up. Also, right and wrong are blended and it is difficult to differentiate them. The religion and purpose of life are misunderstood. Every corner of the world is burning with the flames of injustice, economic inequality, and racial disparities, persecution of religion, and ethnicity to name some of the issues afflicting the Muslim world.  No one is taking care of the problems Muslims are facing. Everyone is trying to write the prescription. This is like someone prescribing medicine that he or she never ... [Read More]

Freedom & Egalitarianism is for everyone while Extremism & Egoism is for no one.

Abdikadir Ibrahim 10/06/2010 Humans are the vicegerents of God on earth for all its inhabitants. Humans are expected to carry this responsibility for themselves and for other creatures as well. Freedom, justice, and equality are rights for everyone. When it comes to freedom, it does not matter who you are in terms of religion, ethnicity, and socio-economic background. Everyone loves to have and knows that these are essential for human dignity and honor. Even those who don’t believe in God, the creator of the universe, believe that every person is born as a free individual. The freedom we all seeking and fighting ... [Read More]

Why are Our Lives Unbalanced & Lack Progress?

Abdikadir Ibrahim 06/07/2010 The word change refers to a process of becoming different, while status quo, means leave things the way they are. It is a human nature to seek both change and to hesitate it at the same time. While both can be good and bad, it really depends on when and how one wants to make the change and when and how one wants to stay in status quo. While this is true in its essence, I would like to step in further on where the real confusion and contradiction of the two is coming from. Whenever changes happen, many ... [Read More]

Past, Present and Future of Youth

Abdikadir Ibrahim 06/07/2010 Introduction: Every creation consists of two types, female and male.  Males cannot populate and live in this world by themselves, nor can females only populate and live in the world by themselves.  In order the world to be populated, children must be born. Generation refers to a form or stage in the life cycle of organism. It is the time between the birth of parents and birth of their offspring.  As a result, new group of people are introduced to the world, who will take the world which their parents handed them over. As any other creation, human beings ... [Read More]

Tolerance of Muslim Leader

Abdikadir Ibrahim 6/07/2009 Constitutions and laws, by which people manage their way of life, are very vital to any one and/or society. From individual to government level, no one can live without having a system they would follow; there has to be an order that constrains them; otherwise, there would be chaos and transgression at every level of our lives. Laws and systems are essential to our lives, to govern the world, and to keep us out from deviation. Allah has chosen individuals (messengers) amongst us and sent them with law and rules, which allows us to maintain justice and fairness. Therefore, ... [Read More]

How Much Do We Know About God?

Abdikadir Ibrahim 05/26/2008 In the world we are living in, it is almost impossible in these days to live without being insulted of ones dignity his/her religion or God. We are living in a time in which everything has been and will be criticized. It does not matter how these values are noble, holy, or scared and important to others. In this era, God is being questioned, creation is being doubted, and faith is being criticized. Therefore, how much we know about God depends on who you are explaining to. However, there should some common sense to every one whether they are ... [Read More]

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