Your Daily Cuidance


Abdikadir Ibrahim


All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Universe. Prayer and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family, companions, and whoever follows them rightly until the Day of Judgment.  Similarly

The word “Islam” comes from the Arabic word of silm. It means both peace and submission to the will of one Creator-Allah. Peace has several levels and categories, Internal peace and external peace, as both interconnected. In the same token, there are individual peace and communal or collective peace, as the two interdependent. Thus Without internal peace, external peace will not possible, similarly, without individual peace, communal or collective peace will not be possible as well.  When one is peaceful to his or her self, they surely will be peaceful to the rest of the society/world. Islam is a religion, but at the same time it is a way of life, for it provides to its followers step-by-step guidance for daily life/activities. In order to get external or collective peace, internal or individual peace has to come first. Remembrance of Allah is the most powerful weapon that give us the internal/individual peace which we lead us to attain the collective peace that all of us looking for.

Abdullah ibn Busr said, “A man came to the Prophet peace be upon him and said, ‘Messenger of Allah, the laws of Islam have become too many for us, so [give us] a means of access to which we can cling which is comprehensive.’ He said, ‘Let not your tongue cease to be moist with the remembrance of Allah, mighty is He and majestic’.

Mu’ad ibn Jabal said, “The last thing upon which I parted from the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him is that I said to him, ‘Which actions are better and closer to Allah?’ He answered, ‘That you die while your tongue is moist with the remembrance of Allah, mighty is He and majestic’.

Allah says, exalted is He:

“You who have iman! remember Allah much, and glorify Him in the morning and the evening,” (al-Ahzab: 41)

Another verse, “And remember Allah much so that hopefully you will be successful,” (Al-Jumu’ah: 10)

Another verse, “Men and women who remember Allah much: Allah has prepared forgiveness for them and an immense reward,”( al-Ahzab: 35)

Another verse, “Those who remember Allah, standing, sitting and lying on their sides.” ( Al ‘Imran: 191)


I have been teaching at Salahudin Islamic School at Islamic Civic Society of America, for a number of years. I often prepared supplications and remembrance on different occasions that I gave to the students. After collecting the information, and having seen the needs of the students and the general public, I decided to write a book titled, Your Daily Guidance.


In this small book but comprehensive, one will find remembrance and daily guidance of over 50 different occasions.


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