Islam vs. Smoking


Researchers denoted that each year around 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced worldwide by the tobacco industry, and smoked by more than 1.1 billion people around the world. Even though cigarette is the most preventable cause of a premature death, study shows approximately114, 000 people die every year. Cigarette smoking adversely affects our society’s health and economy. Many youth are imitating and following the footsteps of celebrities and movie actors. As a result, many younger generations have become smokers, which can lead them to becoming victims of any one of the killer diseases that are caused by cigarettes.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), cigarettes are made of tobacco leaves than added to more than 4,000 different chemicals, many of which are toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic. These chemicals include nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, irritants, and toxic substance. Nicotine reaches the brain in less than 20 seconds, and it is a highly addictive. It is carcinogen and has poisonous ingredient that effect and stimulate the brain. It also increases the heartbeat, causes cardiovascular diseases, stomach ulcer, and lung diseases. Tar is carcinogen substance as well which affects different places in our body such as mouth, lips, throat and lungs; it also causes coughing, emphysema, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Carbon monoxide binds hemoglobin into red blood cells, affecting cells to grow normally, and carry the load oxygen. Because carbon monoxide blocks the arteries to convey the blood, it causes the arthrosclerosis, strokes and brain damage finally.

Researchers denoted that each year around 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced worldwide by the tobacco industry, and smoked by more than 1.1 billion people around the world. Even though cigarette is the most preventable cause of a premature death, study shows approximately 114,000 people die every year as a result of smoking-related diseases. Cigarette smoking causes nearly one in every five deaths.

Therefore our society has been afflicted by innumerable diseases including, lung cancer which is number one killer disease among men, and number two among women. Cigarettes also cause many other diseases; cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, respiratory illness such as pneumonia, emphysema, bronchitis, chronic air way, and obstruction. Cigarette smoking also has many other side effects that the majority of people are not aware of, like miscarriages, infertilities, skin wrinkles, dark or stain in nails, and teeth.

According to the CDCP about 46.2% of American adults were smokers in 2001. More broadly one in every four people smoke, 22.8% of all adult smokers, about 22.5% are men while 20.7% are women. The number of smokers is higher in younger age groups; approximately 27% of the smokers are in the age of between 18 to 24 years old.

Smoking causes or triggers the following diseases and problems:

  • Cardiovascular – that leads into heart failure
  • Stroke -which leads its victim into cerebrovascular that causes brain damage
  • Cancer- of the lung, mouth, throat, esophagus, kidney, and bladder
  • Osteoporoses- which soften the bones and make them loose their protein, minerals, and their normal density.
  • Gingivitis- the gum disease
  • Emphysema- the increasing size of the lungs labored the breath and causes the lungs to become susceptible for infections
  • Cataracts- which causes a vision problem later on
  • Stomach ulcer- more mucus in the stomach walls
  • Worsening the asthma- and increasing its problems
  • Bronchitis-a chronic inflammation of the bronchial membrane
  • Coughing and wheezing- that makes difficult in breathing
  • Pneumonia- inflammation of the lung that leads into respiratory disease
  • Male fertility problems- where the erection will be difficult
  • Pregnancy problems- whereas babies would weigh less than their counterparts
  • Stains and darken- the teeth and nails

Reasons that lead to smoking:

There are many reasons that cause one to smoke, but these are common reasons of why people smoke.

  • Advertisement
  • Peer pressure
  • Coolness
  •  Smart looking
  • Relative smokers
  • Grown up look
  • Influence through famous people

Cigarette smoking in Islam:

Since smoking adversely affects every angle of our lives whether that is our health, economical and/or spiritual aspects, Islam does not permit it. Because Islam was revealed to preserve the five essentials of life, every individual has a right to be safeguarded his or her religion, intellect, life, property, and dignity. As we have seen smoking impinges on all of these, which is totally against the principles of Islam. For example, to have laws and order is legitimate quest for one or nation to govern his or herself, therefore the religion of Islam is the law of Allah that guides or leads humans to have a better life and better connection with the Creator –Allah. Therefore it is the total care and safeguard of our lives.  Allah said; “Truly,the religion of Allah is Islam” (3:19).

On the other hand, intellect is a given bounty to us by Allah; thus Islam forbids anything that incapacitates the person’s intellect. It is a scientifically proven fact that smoking damages the brain functioning. It is a drug and toxicant that deviates the proper functioning of the mind.

Allah said; “O you who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, and Al-Ansab, and Al-Azlam (arrows for seeking luck or decision) are an abomination of Satan’s handwork. So avoid that in order that you be successful (5:90). “O you who believe! Approach not AsSalât (the prayer) when you are in a drunken state until you know (the meaning) of what you utter” (4:43).

Cigarette also spoils the dignity of the smoker. Cleanness and hygiene is a core value of Islam, for it is part of the iman (faith). Therefore it is very well known for the mouth of the smoker to be unhygienic and full of stains. It is the human nature to seek love and friendship; however, it is not easy for one to be loved, when actually no one can sit by him or her or in a close proximity due

to their bad odors. As the Qur’an states no one is alone, meaning that everyone has an assigned Angels. Thus, the smoker has already bothered his or her assigned Angels.

Therefore, when one is not clean, his or her reputation within the society is greatly affected. As a result, when one smokes he or she always have that unpleasant smell from their mouths and clothes. Prophet (pbuh) said; “Whoever has eaten garlic or onion because of hunger or otherwise should not come near our mosque” (Bukhari). This is an edible vegetable that is not allowed to come to the mosque when eaten till one cleanses him or herself from it; thus, smoking is far more adverse than onion.

Earning and making money is lawful quest in Islam; however, money has to come with responsibility. There are millions who do not have a penny to survive with a day. Therefore, instead of spending money on unlawful activities or items such as cigar, it should be reversed and spent for the common good that can be benefitted for both ways. Hence, Islam forbids smoking. The Prophet (pbuh), “The two feet of the son of Adam will no move on the Day of Judgment in front of Allah until he or she is asked about his or her money, how did he or she earn it? And what did he or she spend it on?”(Bukhari).

 In Islam, life is sacred. Thus, Islam is against anything that harms or kills person’s life, since it was revealed to preserve the essentials of life. Study shows that smoking takes more than 1140,000 lives a year in the world. Despite the growing effect of smoking, many people are still addicted to this type of nicotine. Smoking is easy to adapt, but hard to quit once one

starts smoking it. Thus the below guidelines are the only way to overcome smoking habit

  • Understanding and following Islamic principles
  • Starting to reduce and lessen the amount of cigarette that one smokes
  • Separating ones’ self from the rest of smokers
  • Making exercise
  • Educating oneself about the dangers of smoking
  • Getting counseling from a local physician, counselor, or imam. 



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